Pretty Baby Romper pattern adjustments for long leg version.

If you already own the Pretty Baby Romper pattern you can use this supplementary pattern tutorial to learn how to make a long leg version of the romper.

If you already own the Pretty Baby Romper pattern you can use this supplementary pattern tutorial to learn how to make a long leg version of the romper. If you would like to purchase the pattern just click here to go to the SHOP LISTING.

This supplementary tutorial shows how to add length to the original romper pattern to make an ankle length version. The long version will not include an open crotch seam as on the short romper. You will need to determine how much to add for the finished length required. It is usually easiest to get a centre back length by measuring from the bump at the base of the neck to the floor; this is called the cervical height. The top edge of the romper should sit about 5-6cm below this point on the child’s back although this may vary with the sizes. Do some simple calculations to determine how much length to add to the pattern. Decide if you want a plain cuff or elastic cuff with ruffle edge and add the required turning allowance to the new length.

Use the size charts provided in the pattern file to determine the best size for your child.

Photo is size 00 for 6 months old.

Pretty Baby Romper listing

Pretty Baby long leg romper 3

Charts for fabric and approximate amount to add to existing pattern. Please check your  specific measurement requirements.

Charts for long leg-2

Adjusting the pattern:

Trace out the single size pattern onto paper with enough length to add the extension.


On my 6 month old size 00 I want a total finished length of 50cm with an elastic cuff. I have calculated that I must add about 15cm plus an additional 3cm for the hem casing, total = 18cm.

Measure down and rule a line at the new finished edge and rule the side and inside leg lines straight down to connect to the new length line.



I have used a red pen to show the next step; my hem allowance is 3cm so I’ve ruled a line at this level in red. Now I want to narrow down the width of the cuff so I have ruled a new side line from about hip level to end a little less than 3cm in from the original line. Do the same thing on the inside leg.


I have now reduced the cuff width by a total of about 6cm. To avoid getting a sharp angle when the hem turning is folded under I have shaped both lines in slightly so I can straighten out the hem area – see the red stroked lines. Take care to not get a bump on the side seam, keep the line smooth.


Cut out the new pattern. First cut along the bottom edge then turn the hem allowance under and cut along the inside leg and side seam lines and finish cutting the pattern out.


To mark the straight grain line fold the pattern along the length squaring the bottom edge and side edges then rule a line along the crease.



The pattern is ready to use.


To make the romper follow the sewing tutorial in the pattern file exactly as for the original short version but without the open crotch.

Pattern cut out and ready to sew. The neck tie pattern remains unchanged and is cut from a contrast fabric or alternately a ribbon can be used.


Size 00 / 6 month finished with plain cuff

Pretty Baby long leg romper 2

Long and short versions with elastic cuffs

Pretty Baby long leg romper 6